Saturday, 27 August 2011

Quentin Letts at Daily Mail writes....

about my upcoming debate with William Lane Craig. Letts is apparently referring to my post-before-last (Aug 14th).

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After much sucking of thumbs, atheists have come up with someone to debate against a visiting American evangelist.

Secularists are heading for the hills rather than square up to fizzy theologian William Lane Craig at Westminster Central Hall in October. Polly Toynbee had her doubts, so to speak.

AC Grayling collected three points for a refusal. Richard Dawkins did a Gaddafi and went into hiding.

Craig clearly puts the fear of God into them. Finally, a University of London philosopher, Stephen Law, has said he will speak up for the non-believers.

He is now trying to 'dress the house', as we say in the theatre, and has placed a message on his website imploring followers to attend the debate to give him support.

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