Monday, 25 June 2012

New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes:
Douglas E. Abrams, Player safety in youth sports: sportsmanship and respect as an injury-prevention strategy, 22 SETON HALL JOURNAL OF SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW 1 (2012)

Roger I. Abrams, Early baseball and the urban political machine, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW 1 (2012)

Gene W. Allen, Negotiating, drafting, and implementing naming rights agreements, 86 NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW 789 (2010)

Thomas A. Baker III et al., Football v. Football: A Comparison of Agent Regulation in France’s Ligue 1 and the National Football League, 2 PACE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW FORUM 1 (2012)

Emily Battersby & Wolfgang G. Robinson, Paradise lost: media in injustice and injustice in media, 22 SETON HALL JOURNAL OF SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW 29 (2012)

Raymond Belliotti, Billy Martin and jurisprudence: revisiting the Pine Tar Case, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW. 210 (2012)

Christian H. & Howard W. Brill, Take me out to the hearing: Major League Baseball players before Congress, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW 90 (2012)

Winston J. Busby, Comment, Playing for love: why the NCAA rules must require a knowledge-intent element to affect the eligibility of student-athletes, 42 CUMBERLAND LAW REVIEW 135 (2011-2012)

Michele Colucci, & Arnout Geeraert, The “social dialogue” in European professional football, 33 COMPARATIVE LABOR LAW & POLICY JOURNAL 203 (2012)

Marc Edelman, Upon further review: will the NFL’s trademark licensing practices survive full antitrust scrutiny? The remand of American Needle, 16 STANFORD JOURNAL OF LAW, BUSINESS & FINANCE 183 (2011)

Ed Edmonds, Arthur Soden’s legacy: the origins and early history of baseball’s reserve system, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW 38 (2012)

Gabe Feldman, Brady v. NFL and Anthony v. NBA: The shifting dynamics in labor-management relations in professional sports, 86 TULANE LAW REVIEW 831 (2012)

Michael J. Fabrega, Comment, The California Supreme Court’s insertion of a no-duty rule into the field of sports torts: a futile exercise achieving inequitable results, 33 WHITTIER LAW REVIEW 181 (2011)

David Fagundes, Talk derby to me: intellectual property norms governing roller derby pseudonyms, 90 TEXAS LAW REVIEW 1093 (2012)

Henry D. Fetter, From flood to free agency: the Messersmith-McNally arbitration reconsidered, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW 156 (2012)

Joseph Z. Fleming, “Just like umpires”: why Chief Justice Roberts correctly relied on baseball to describe the Supreme Court of the United States, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW 286 (2012)

Matthew J. Frankel, Secret sabermetrics: trade secret protection in the baseball analytics field, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW 240 (2012)

Daniel Gandert & Fabian Ronisky, American professional sports is a doper’s paradise: it’s time we make a change, 86 NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW 813 (2010)

Elisia J.P. Gatman, Academic exploitation: the adverse impact of college athletics on the educational success of minority student-athletes, 10 SEATTLE JOURNAL FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE 509 (2011)

Neil Gibson, Note, NCAA scholarship restrictions as anticompetitive measures: the one-year rule and scholarship caps as avenues for antitrust scrutiny, 3 WILLIAM & MARY BUSINESS LAW REVIEW 203 (2012)

James R. Hoy, Constitutional law—separation of powers: the North Dakota Supreme Court balances the constitutional authority of the State Board of Higher Education, the State Legislature, and the judiciary, 86 NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW 905 (2010)

J. Gordon Hylton, Before Redskins were the Redskins: the use of Native American team names in the formative era of American sports, 1857-1933, 86 NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW 879 (2010)

Christopher Immormino, Note, I’m gonna knock you out: why physical force is a legitimate form of dispute resolution, 27 OHIO STATE JOURNAL ON DISPUTE RESOLUTION 207 (2012)

Suzanne Janusz, Comment, The NFL’s strict enforcement of its personal conduct policy for crimes against women: a useful tool for combating violence or an attempt to punish morality?, 22 SETON HALL JOURNAL OF SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW. 93 (2012)

Eric E. Johnson, The NFL, intellectual property, and the conquest of sports media, 86 NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW 759 (2010)

Allison A. Kotula, Note, A win-win scenario: using the gold standard to improve the World Cup’s Green Goal Initiative, 36 WILLIAM & MARY ENVIRONMENTAL LAW & POLICY REVIEW 565 (2012)

Michael H. LeRoy, The narcotic effect of antitrust law in professional sports: how the Sherman Act subverts collective bargaining, 86 TULANE LAW REVIEW 859 (2012)

Martin L. Levy, High school baseball, the NCAA, and Major League Baseball: “a reality show”, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW 332 (2012)

Morgan Marcus, Comment, A delayed penalty: the implications of the Ilya Kovalchuk arbitration decision on the National Hockey League, 45 JOHN MARSHALL LAW REVIEW 145 (2011)

John R. Maney, Train wreck (of the I-AA), 14 VANDERBILT JOURNAL OF ENTERTAINMENT AND TECHNOLOGY LAW 279 (2012)

Patrick J. McAndrews, Keeping score: how universities can comply with Title IX without eliminating men’s collegiate athletic programs, 2012 BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY EDUCATION & LAW JOURNAL 111.

Christopher McNair, Note, Edward C. v. City of Albuquerque: the New Mexico Supreme Court balks on the baseball rule, 41 NEW MEXICO LAW REVIEW 539 (2011)

Charles S. Michels, Note, Major League Baseball and the National Collegiate Athletic Association: private lotteries and enforceable contracts, 14 VANDERBILT JOURNAL OF ENTERTAINMENT AND TECHNOLOGY LAW 395 (2012)

Matthew J. Mitten, From Dallas Cap to American Needle and beyond: antitrust law’s limited capacity to stitch consumer harm from professional sports club trademark monopolies, 86 TULANE LAW REVIEW 901 (2012)

Jeffrey Mongiello, Student article, Title II and high school athletics age limits: individualized assessments for student-athletes with disabilities after Martin, 89 UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT MERCY LAW REVIEW 35 (2011)

Jason Navia, Comment, Sitting on the bench: the failure of youth football helmet regulation and the necessity of government intervention, 64 ADMINISTRATIVE LAW REVIEW 265 (2012)

Timothy G. Nelson, Comment, Flag on the play: the ineffectiveness of athlete-agent laws and regulations—and how North Carolina can take advantage of a scandal to be a model for reform, 90 NORTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW 800 (2012)

Jerry R. Parkinson, Scoundrels: an inside look at the NCAA infractions and enforcement processes, 12 WYOMING LAW REVIEW 215 (2012)

Brett H. Pavony & Jaia Thomas, For the Love of the Name: Professional Athletes Seek Trademark Protection, 2 PACE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW FORUM 153 (2012)

Mary Margaret Penrose, Tattoos, tickets, and other tawdry behavior: how universities use federal law to hide their scandals, 33 CARDOZO LAW REVIEW 1555 (2012)

Jason J. Ranjo, Note, Game over?: the potential demise of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, 42 RUTGERS LAW JOURNAL 213 (2010)

Michael Rosen, Constitutional implications of Title IX compliance in colleges and universities, 18 CARDOZO JOURNAL OF LAW & GENDER 503 (2012)

Stephen F. Ross, Radical reform of intercollegiate athletics: antitrust and public policy implications, 86 TULANE LAW REVIEW 933 (2012)

Arline F. Schubert, A taxpayer’s and a politician’s dilemma: use of eminent domain to acquire private property for sport facilities, 86 NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW 845 (2010)

Grant H. Shaft, Implementing the settlement of State of North Dakota v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, 86 NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW 747 (2010)

David L. Snyder, The Cobra’s contract: revisiting Dave Parker’s 1979 contract with the Pittsburg Pirates, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW, 188 (2012)

Wayne Stenehjem, & Matthew Sagsveen, Let’s go sue: the Attorney General’s historical perspective on State of North Dakota v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, 86 NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW 711 (2010)

John Thorn, 2011 Edward C. Sobota Memorial Lecture. It’s a wise child that knows its father: a search for baseball’s origin, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW 27 (2012)

Anthony Torrente, The dark side of professional baseball: the fall of Barry Bonds, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW 352 (2012)

Davis Walsh, Note, All a Twitter: social networking, college athletes, and the First Amendment, 20 WILLIAM & MARY BILL OF RIGHTS JOURNAL 619 (2011)

Brant Webb, Unsportsmanlike conduct: curbing the trend of domestic violence in the National Football League and Major League Baseball, 20 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF GENDER, SOCIAL POLICY & LAW 741 (2012)

Jack F. Williams et al., Public financing of green cathedrals, 5 ALBANY GOVERNMENT LAW REVIEW 123 (2012)

Ray Yasser, The case for reviving the four-year deal, 86 TULANE LAW REVIEW 987 (2012)

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