Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lance Armstrong & Michael McCann (No, really)

Our own Michael McCann goes one-on-one with Lance Armstrong in Austin, Texas for CNNSI!  As Mike tells the story:

"A few weeks ago, I discovered I had a new Twitter follower: Lance Armstrong. I thought it was a little odd because I don't cover cycling and the times I've written about Armstrong's legal issues I've often sharply criticized him. Nonetheless, I was intrigued. Soon we began corresponding privately and last week Armstrong invited me to his house in Austin for an interview."

To read today's teaser from CNNSI you can go here.  For the entire, groundbreaking story, you'll need to go purchase this week's Sports Illustrated.  Have no fear, you can purchase a digital version here.

Congratulations Mike on a tremendous job--both in getting Lance's attention and becoming a relevant contributor to the development of this international strory.  While Mike won't display any braggadocio, allow me to do so.  Huzzah Mike!  [Now if he had interviewed Lance for The Sports Law Blog we might get a few more followers.....]

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