Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Little Book of Basketball Law

Little Book of Basketball Law
Melissa Altman Linsky, who teaches sports law at Emory University, has authored The Little Book of Basketball Law (published by the American Bar Association, 2013).  Here are more details:

The book is for lawyers, law students and sports fans alike and answers questions such as “How can there be two NBA teams in one city?”, “Can the government take land from private homeowners to build a basketball arena?”, or “What rights do professional basketball players have in their own names?” by telling the stories behind the cases. It is an entertaining and informative book about basketball that relays legal decisions concerning basketball in an easy-to-relate-to manner.  

Each chapter is basically a short story with the decisions as the basis for the story. It is part of the ABA's Little Book series - there is a Little White Book of Baseball Law and a Little Green Book of Golf Law. 

Looks like a terrific read and I'll be reading it soon.

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