Saturday, 13 July 2013

Five Seven Five Sports: 2012 in Haiku - Language of the Games

Sports attorney, author, poet and former Princeton University first baseman Andrew Hanson has authored a new book titled "Five Seven Five Sports : 2012 in Haiku - Language of the Games".  It's a remarkable read, with a collection of Hanson's haiku poetry chronicling sports during 2012.  Here are a few of my favorite poems from it:

* * *
January 30, 2012 
Cross-court pick, seal, roll,
So fundamentally sound,
Leading to lift-off:

The winged monster,
Half Blake Griffin, half griffin,
Soars like an eagle,

Meets Kendrick Perkins,
Toughest member of Thunder,
Arms and elbow up,

Blasts uncoachable,
Heavenly throw-down dunk from
Top of backboard square,

Sends Staples Center
Into murmurous frenzy,
Adds and-1 free throw.  

April 20, 2012 
Fenway Park's birthday:
Pure music to Boston's eyes - 
Rice to Yastrzemski;

Legends fill the field,
Catch first pitches, lead the toast,
And proclaim, "Play Ball!" - 

Red Sox and Yankees - 
100 years to the hour
Of Fenway's first day...

Big Papi measures
Sports' most famous barrier,
High above left field;

Thirty-seven feet
No match for his home run swat,
First ruled a double;

After players pause
Ump's spinning hand frees Ortiz,
And his trot resumes...

Green Monster absorbs 
Repko's catch and collision,
Passes test of time.

June 23, 2012 
Ten women playing - 
Professionals before fans - 
"IX" uniforms;

40 years later,
Title IX's daughters compete;
Lynx outscore the Sky.

July 2, 2012 
Baseball "Horse" contest - 
Degree of difficulty:
The Pittsburgh foul pole;

Jones yanks one down line,
Practically splitting target,
Hitting the high bar;

Next shot - higher arc;
Walker avoids a letter,
Tallies an "HR".

November 10, 2012 
Jarred by lineman's hip,
The ball and play float, at risk -
Johnny on the spot;

Manziel transitions,
His gaze returned to end zone,
Ball back in his hands;

Johnny Football-Swope,
A&M-arrival play -
Easy pitch and catch...

Slicing 'Bama's route,
Everett's wise 4th-quarter pick -
Go-ahead bid fails...

Set to receive punt,
'Bama enters neutral zone - 
Unbeaten no more.

 * * *

I strongly recommend picking up Five Seven Five Sports.  Makes a great gift, too.

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