Friday, 22 November 2013

RIP: Michael Weiner

One of the advantages of being actively engaged in the "sports law" community is the benefit of meeting some tremendously intelligent and charismatic individuals.  Our society lost one of those people yesterday when Michael Weiner finally succumbed to brain cancer.

Weiner, the MLB players' union executive director, took over in December of 2009 following the departure of Donald Fehr.  A fierce labor attorney, Weiner displayed the ability to advocate for the players while swiftly earning the respect of the owners, Commissioner Bud Selig and all involved in the business of baseball.

Many of us were lucky enough to have met Michael, serving on a panel at a law school conference or shaking his hand at the annual Sports Law Association's conference.  For those of you who didn't have the benefit of meeting or hearing Michael speak, spend some time researching what he accomplished over his all too short tenure with the union.  And when first pitch comes around this spring, please don't forget to tip your cap....

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