Thursday, 19 July 2012

J. Gordon Hylton's Proposed Penalty for Penn State: Forfeit All Wins after Paterno learned of Sandusky's crimes but failed to report them

In a comment to Howard's post on Paterno's statute, UVA Law and Marquette Law Professor J. Gordon Hylton -- the nation's leading expert on the intersection between sports, law and history -- suggested a penalty that I haven't heard elsewhere:
An appropriate penalty would be to require Penn State to forfeit all of its football victories since Paterno learned of Sandusky's criminal acts but failed to report them. (This might be 1998, or it might be earlier.)

This would remove Paterno's name from the top of the all-time coaching victories list and from any association with coaching excellence.

I'm not saying that this should be the only penalty, but it should be part of the penalty.

Makes a good deal of sense to me.

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