Saturday, 18 August 2012

Good luck to Sports Lawyer Mike Zarren

SI's Sam Amick reports that Celtics Assistant GM Mike Zarren, one of the founders of the Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law, is a leading candidate to become the next GM of the 76ers. I'm biased. Mike is a close friend. He's also one of the real, true "good persons" in sports - no one has been more generous with his time in speaking to students in my classes about getting into the industry and various business and legal issues concerning the NBA and the Celtics. He's always candid and insightful, not to mention humble. A great role model for law students seeking to break into sports law.

But even if I didn't know Mike personally, I'd consider him one of the best minds in sports. He's one of the leaders in analytics in the NBA, especially in using analytics to scout players, and he has an uncanny understanding of the NBA's CBA and various salary cap dimensions. It's also kind of cool to think that someone I went to school with may become GM of an NBA team, and a pretty storied team at that.

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If Mike becomes GM of the Sixers, one the owners he'd work for is Jason Levien. Both Mike and Jason are valued members of the Vermont Law School Sports Law Institute Board of Advisors.

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