Sunday, 19 August 2012

Warren Zola mentioned as potential candidate for Boston College Athletic Director

This has been the weekend of good rumors for good friends in sports law who are also members of Vermont Law School Sports Law Institute's Board of Advisors.

First on Friday it's reported that Mike Zarren, Celtics Assistant GM and attorney, may become the next GM of the Philadelphia 76ers. Now I see our own Warren Zola's name mentioned as a possible successor to the retiring Gene DeFillipo as Boston College Athletic Director.

In addition to his excellent sports law analysis, Warren is Chair of Boston College's Professional Sports Counseling Panel. He is also an Assistant Dean at Boston College, a sports business and law professor and a sports attorney. Everyone who knows Warren knows that he would be a terrific athletic director and he's someone completely honest and transparent with student-athletes, too.

Eagle in Atlanta raises Warren as a candidate for the AD post:

* * *
Warren Zola
Currently the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs in the Carroll School, Zola worked in the Athletic Departmet in the 1990s. In his current role he has been advising BC student athletes on their professional options and life after sports. Zola also consults other Athletic Departments and is a frequent speaker and writer on sports topics. What I like about Zola is that he's got one foot in the NCAA world, but also has the education and experience beyond the playing field. Zola understands media and could be a driving force in improving our coverage and making sure the ACC keeps up with other major conferences media revenues.

* * *
If Warren becomes AD of BC, will he still have time to blog? I think he will, although he might ask for a raise from the salary of $0 we pay ourselves.

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