Saturday, 13 April 2013

American Indian Mascots Continue to Divide

Moni Basu at CNN has just written yet another "take" on the American Indian mascot conundrum.  In Native American Mascots: Pride or Prejudice?" Basu interviews Suzan Shown Harjo who brought the now famous case Harjo v. Pro Football, Inc., attempting to have the trademark for the "Washington Redskins" canceled because it is offensive, derogatory, and contemptible.

Although "Harjo was defeated in the courts, . . . public opinion has been shifting steadily on the matter.  In March, several lawmakers introduced a bill in Congress that would amend the Trademark Act of 1946 to ban the term “redskin” in a mark because it is disparaging of native people. Among the sponsors of the bill is civil rights activist Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia.  Harjo says she hopes the legislation will accomplish what litigation has failed to do so far.  If passed, the bill would force the Washington football team to discard its trademarked name and ban the use of any offensive term in any future trademarks."

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