Monday, 1 April 2013

The Debate Regarding the Exploitation of Student-Athletes Continues

The NCAA's March Madness has, once again, sparked the debate as to the exploitation of college athletes.  As the tournament generates millions of dollars and soaring television ratings, people continue to question why those that produce this revenue aren't compensated adequately for their role.

Our own Michael McCann appeared on Bloomberg TV to advocate paying college athletes.  You can watch the video clip here.  Nice job, again, Mike.

The horrific, and truly tragic, injury to Louisville's Kevin Ware has also riled up student-athlete advocates on the lack of insurance policies--both medical in general and disability in particular once again.  For example, did you know that if Ware doesn't have a multi-year scholarship Louisville would be within their legal rights to take his scholarship away if they so choose?  [I have no reason to think they will, only that they would have the right to do so.]  This article by CBS Sports talks about Ware's situation, and lack of insurance policies.

Fellow student-athlete advocate Marc Isenberg wrote this fine piece entitled "The Student-Athlete Disability Insurance Program isn't What the NCAA Cracks it up to be."

The New York Times is writing a piece on insurance and Ware, for which I along with several others, have been interviewed.  We'll get a link to that article up as soon as it's available.

Finally, I've written an Op Ed piece for US News on the topic of paying student-athletes.  Here's the link.

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