Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lewis & Clark: Success & Failure in Professional Sports

This Friday, Lewis & Clark Law School will host a forum that will explore a variety of issues at the intersection of sports and business.  Through four distinct panel sessions, panelists will discuss: 1) managing and operating a professional sports team; 2) the reasons why sports team file for bankruptcy; 3) collective bargaining between leagues and players; and 4) the financial difficulties professional athletes face after retirement.  The forum offers attendees the ability to gain a unique perspective on a number of complex sports law issues from those with unparalleled first-hand knowledge and experience.

Several of your favorite Sports Law Bloggers will be presenting including:

Marc Edelman
Gabe Feldman
Nathaniel Grow
Warren Zola

To see the topics, panels, and copy of the brochure, go here.

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