Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A-Rod: A Detailed Look at His Arbitration Ruling and Its Implications

I am writing a series for Forbes SportsMoney that looks at the A-Rod arbitration decision from a number of different legal angles.

Here are four of my recent articles on the A-Rod decision that readers may find helpful:

1.  A-Rod Will Have a Tough Time Challenging His 162 Game Suspension in Court  (Jan. 11)

2.  The A-Rod Arbitration Might Have Been Legally Wrong, But that Doesn't Make the Arbitrator Biased (Jan. 12)

3. Should The Major League Baseball Players' Union Fire Frederic Horowitz for His A-Rod Decision? (Jan. 14)

4.  Why Two Of Baseball's Past Arbitrators May Have Been More Lenient On A-Rod's Suspension (Jan. 15)

5.  Why A-Rod's Decision to Sue Players Union May Be More Strategic Than Legal (New:  Jan. 16)

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