Friday, 10 January 2014

Legal Analysis of Heisman Trophy Winner Jameis Winston Facing Civil Lawsuit

Jameis Winston avoided criminal charges for rape, but could soon be facing a civil suit from his accuser.I have a new article for on news that a woman who has accused Jameis Winston of sexual assault plans on suing him, along with the Tallahassee Police Department and Florida State University.  Here's an excerpt:

Not only would a lawsuit be time-consuming for Winston, it may also reveal damaging information about him. This is especially true during pretrial discovery, which would take place if Winston's attorneys fail to convince a judge to dismiss the lawsuit. Pretrial discovery would compel Winston to answer sensitive questions under oath and provide text messages, emails and other communications. He would have to discuss the night of the alleged rape and other intimate topics, such as his sexual history and use of alcohol and drugs. While pretrial discovery is generally confidential, the media would aggressively try to uncover any inflammatory information. This information might hurt Winston's reputation with many, including Heisman voters, NFL teams and companies that might eventually want to sign him to an endorsement contract. 

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