Friday, 30 November 2012

I am speaking at this event assuming I can remain sober...

Crystal Head
Here's the blurb (not written by me). Note I am introduced by Ghostbuster Dan Ackroyd - possibly the highlight of my entire career...

Have you heard the world is coming to an end on December 21st? So said the Mayans. Not sure how I feel about these things, but think I might put off Christmas shopping until the 22nd just in case.

On December 5th, hidden beneath St Andrews Church, in a lock 13th century crypt there is a head, shaped from solid quartz that offers it’s bearer spiritual power and enlightenment. Oh wait, it’s filled with vodka – even better!

Crystal Head Vodka, who are clearly fans of a mystery – having named themselves after the 13 crystal heads that were found and polished into shape from solid quartz that are said to offer enlightenment – are hosting a discussion on the Mayan prediction. Dan Aykroyd (the man behind the iconic vodka and more than a few iconic films) will introduce the discussion (via the medium of film); philosopher Dr. Stephen Law and Professor Elizabeth Graham, expert in Mesoamerican archeology, will take to the stand to provide insight into the 2012 prophecy debate, and explore its history and, more importantly, its reality.

Crystal Head’s mixologists will be on hand to guide you through this troubling time with a series of specially-created cocktails and signature serves.

I’ve always said, if the world is really coming to an end, I’d rather it came when I had a drink in my hand.

There are still spaces but like the world, they are soon coming to an end too, RSVP now to

‘End of the World’ Lecture with Crystal Head Vodka | 5th December at 7pm – 10pm |St.Andrews Crypt Holborn, 7 St Andrews Street, EC4A 3AB

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