Friday, 9 November 2012

Sports Law Links

A others have stated, there is no offseason in the sports law realm.  A few sports law updates are below.

1. Kathleen Sharp, the author of a new book entitled "Blood Medicine," wrote a short article about the clinical and litigious history of EPO, a drug prominently featured in USADA's "reasoned decision" pertaining to Lance Armstrong.  It is a fascinating account of the drug's history.

2. Claire Zovko penned a follow-up essay about basketball arbitration procedures within FIBA and the NBA.

3. Sean Patrick Griffin, a professor of criminal justice at Penn State Abington, wrote a comprehensive update to the recent sports gambling-related arrests in New York, Nevada, and elsewhere.

4. The Southern Economic Association ("SEA") annual conference is next week in New Orleans.  Of the 200+ sessions at the SEA conference this year, six sessions are devoted to sports economics.  The complete program can be found here.  Three or four papers will be presented during each sports-related session.  As was the case in previous years, a fair amount of research at the intersection of sports law and economics will be presented.  There is an entire session on sports gambling.  In addition, there is a session entitled "Sports Economics and the Law."    

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